Homeopathy A part of Life

Homeopathy is a scientific treatment & a life style medicine…

Homeopathy is the most modern system of this era. This system developed 213 years back. All other existing systems of medicine invented or developer more than 2000 – 5000 years. So Homeopathy was invented an almost new era. There are drastic changes in life style of human beings all over the world. As the life style changes the number of disease also increased. Treatment of various diseases at a time leads to heavy intake of medicines and that will further precipitate more drug induced diseases. Homeopathy is the only system of medicine that offers a single medicine for all disease of an Individual. There are enough rescue and remedial measures in each individual. Homeopathy is just igniting those remedial measures by a medicine that selected on the basis of individualization. When the body and mind is in harmony then the disease has no entry either to the body or to the mind. One who adopts homeopathy as a life style medicine can lead a peaceful life and he/she can give birth to healthy siblings. Homeopathy is not a last resort when all other systems failed; it is to be the first choice always. It must be a life style medicine indeed.

Minhans Homeopathy Quality Policy

We are committed to delight our customers by providing excellent quality homoeopathic treatment with utmost care and concern. It is our endeavor to become the most reputed homeopathic hospital in South India, by continually improving our performance through research and development and the application of Quality Management System.

1. To establish, maintain, run, control, ecofriendly homoeopathic clinic, and hospitals for the purpose of dealing in all sorts of health problems

2. To start, acquire or build clinics, hospitals, health clubs any other places for health without endangering the eco system.

3. To start Research in Homoeopathy by Homoeopathic hospitals and Homoeopathic research canters.

4. To grant financial aid (either cash or in kind) to charitable institutions, trusts, societies, NGO’s etc in India which have objects like providing financial aid to poor and needy people for education, medical, shelter/housing needs, clothes, general public utility and financial assistance / relief to the poor, old and infirm people and/or destitute, for the upliftment of children, progress of the society, nation, and mankind in general.

Objectives of the Minhans Trust

1) Start homeopathic hospitals and clinics.
2) To start Research in Homoeopathy by Homoeopathic hospitals and Homoeopathic research centers.
3) To establish canters of excellence and knowledge for imparting higher education in all subjects and also to establish professional colleges, study canters, libraries, research canters etc., at such places as decided by the Trustees.
4) To provide financial assistance and scholarships for deserving students to proceed with their studies on any subject at any level.
5) To purchase, take on lease, acquire, hold and possess any land and any properties or movable property which may be necessary, expedient or desirable for attaining the objectives of the trust.
6) To acquire properties and to construct and maintain buildings and also to provide the necessary infrastructure in furtherance of the objectives of the Trust.
7) To arrange funds and to raise finance necessary for the activities of the Trust by way of contribution (repayable or not) or loan (secured or unsecured or both) from trustees or any benefactors, friends, well-wishers, relatives of trustees etc.
8) To raise funds by way of borrowing money and by raising loans upon such terms and conditions decided by the Trustees from time to time for achieving the objectives of the trust from Banks and other Financial institutions.
9) To do all other things auxiliary and ancillary to the above objectives.
10) To do online consultation websites and other online homeopathic or medical services.
11) To collaborate with other Natural Medical Science, Yoga and accessory treatment systems to improve public health.</p

Major Treatment

General OP every day 9 AM to 6.00 PM

Hepatitis -B

Allergic & Respiratory disorders

Gastrointestinal disorders


Auto immune disorders - sle

Diabetes Mellitus

Rheumatoid Arthritis


Cancer, Pain & Palliative treatment

Neuro Psychiatric clinic - every 2nd and 4th Monday

Dermatology clinic

Paediatric clinic

Our Branches

Minhans Homeopathy – ALAPPUZHA                  (Nangiarkulangara)
Minhans Homeopathy – KOTTAYAM                 (Pampady)
Minhans Homeopathy – IDUKKI                         (Kumily)
Minhans Homeopathy – KOZHIKODE                  (Koyilandy)
Minhans Homeopathy – KOZHIKODE                  (Ramanattukara)
Minhans Homeopathy –  ERNAKULAM

Minhans Homeopathy - KOZHIKODE                   (Nadakkavu)

Minhans Homeopathy - KOTTAYAM                    (Changanacherry)  H O